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What’s in my camera bag

on July 1, 2015


nikon 810D Robert Rosenkranz

Nikon 810D

What’s in my camera bag?  The Nikon 810D. This is a great, professional quality digital single lens reflex camera, at about half the price of the D4S which makes no better images. Its key feature is an FX sized sensor: one the same size as standard 35mm film.
This allows for exceptionally detailed images, more detail than my (old) eyes can see. The 810 is a worthwhile improvement over its predecessor, the 800, with a quieter shutter that allows for slower exposures without blur. I frequently use a Nikon 610, which also has an FX sensor and comparable image quality in a somewhat smaller and lighter package, at half the cost of the 810D.

Robert RosenkranzWhat’s in my camera bag